Learn Spanish: The Best Way To Start Language Learning Today

Ready to learn Spanish? We believe there is one way that works for just about everybody.

So Many Language Learning Apps Are a Racket

Most language learning apps are closer to slot machines than a Spanish language learning course: blinking toys delivering dopamine hits at irregular intervals.

Sure, you could waste months playing with DuoLingo (here’s why that’s a waste of time) or pay $299 for Rosetta Stone (here’s why that’d be an expensive mistake)

Or… you could “do the real thing and stop doing fake alternatives”. That is to say, practice the single thing you want to get good at: speaking Spanish.

Not learning flashcards (yawn), playing multiple choice language learning video games – or even flirting with a cartoon owl. Sorry, Duo 🙁

DuoLingo Spanish screenshot

Learning Spanish Is Simple – But It is Not Easy

To paraphrase Warren Buffet, learning Spanish is simple – but not easy. In that regard, it’s a little like getting fit, losing weight or saving pennies in your piggy bank.

It isn’t something you do once, or overnight – or even in 12 months. Learning Spanish requires an ongoing commitment of time and effort.

And – just like the examples above – it will probably suck at the beginning.

This insight won’t stop every huckster on the planet trying to sell you expensive products of dubious utility and/or promise instant, effortless results with your Spanish language learning….

  • Learn Spanish while you sleep!
  • Get Fluent in Spanish in A Week! Guaranteed!
  • Master Spanish With FaceBook

File these promises alongside your X-Ray Spex and Incredible Sea Monkeys.

How Do I Start to Learn Spanish Today?

Like all the best things in life in 2021, you really need to thank your lucky stars for the internet.

In the recent past, learning Spanish with native hispanohablantes for most people meant expensive long distance travel, or awkward group Spanish evening courses at the local college.

Today, you logon to Zoom or Skype & take private, online Spanish classes at any hour of the day or night, even if you live closer to Timbuktu than Tijuana.

“But I can’t speak a single word of Spanish yet…”

Yes, you can. English is loaded with 1000s of “loan words”, words borrowed from Spanish. Every native English speaker will know literally hundreds of them…

  • Greetings: Hola, adios in Spain or chau in Latin America
  • Nouns: Casa, fiesta, salsa

You get the idea – there are a tonne more.

(Here’s a cool list of 1001 examples of what language nerds call “cognates”).

The only “secret” to learning Spanish is this: the way to learn – we mean really learn – Spanish is by speaking the Spanish language with native Spanish speakers.

As in… right now. This second. Today. No more excuses.

Where’s Best For Online Spanish Lessons?

Lucky you asked. There’s a million places to study Spanish. Some are superb. Others suck. And as with any product or service, there is no one “the best”. But here’s a quick summary of the Spanish courses & teachers we love & have paid cash money for ourselves.

  1. BaseLang – Unlimited (!) Spanish classes with native speakers for $149/mo. The first week costs just $1. Sign Up Here

  2. iTalki – The world’s most popular site for language learners has 1,000s of Spanish teachers all over the world to suit every budget.

  3. Dynamo Spanish – Best for specialist lessons, like Spanish for lawyers, doctors & business people. Your first lesson is free.

#1. BaseLang Review:
“All You Can Eat” Spanish Classes

The elevator pitch: Truly unlimited (!) Spanish classes with native Spanish teachers (mostly Venezuelans) for $149/mo. The first week costs just $1.

#2. iTalki Review:
All The World’s Spanish Teachers In One Place

The elevator pitch: 1,000s of Spanish teachers worldwide (including European Spanish) for every budget.

Q: I think I’ll just wait until I’m ready to speak spanish…

A: Spoiler alert: you will not feel like you are “ready” for a long time. Maybe never. Many people who take this path choose procrastination indefinitely.

Q: What About Krashen’s Input Hypothesis?

A: Excellent question. You can certainly learn to read Spanish – perhaps even at a high level – via “input only” methods. And you can certainly learn to understand spoken Spanish, too, with audio input.

But they almost certainly didn’t learn to speak Spanish or write Spanish, just by reading or listening alone. To get good at “output”, you need to practice, well, output.

Which is not to say that we are not huge believers in Stephen Krashen’s theory of comprehensible input – we are massive Krashen fan boys, in fact – but we believe that comprehensible input can come later.

But first, as in right now? You need to learn to speak some Spanish.

Q: What About My Gringo Spanish Accent?

A: Your accent in Spanish is important, if you want to be understood.

Most (not all) adult Spanish learners will never pass for a native speaker, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn Spanish to that level, if you want… eventually.